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Portfolio Item Details

Title: Datafuel – AI-Powered Analyses for Vkontakte
Service Lines: AI Analysis, Data Visualization, Backend Development, Admin Panel Development, API Integration

Description of the Project

Datafuel is an AI-powered analytics platform specializing in providing in-depth analyses based on user data gathered from the Vkontakte social network. This platform, developed by Hydralab, delivers comprehensive insights and visualizations derived from user data, enhancing decision-making processes.

Key Features & Technologies Used

  • Private Admin Panel Development:
  • Creation of a secure admin panel facilitating data management functionalities.
  • Graphic Charts for Data Visualization:
  • Development of graphical charts for visualizing complex data patterns and insights.
  • Authentication System:
  • Implementation of admin and base user authentication systems for secure access control.
  • CI/CD Setup & Deployment:
  • Setup of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes and deployment on Linux servers for efficient software delivery.
  • Coupon Functionality Integration:
  • Integration of coupon functionalities for promotional offers and discounts.
  • oAuth 2 with Vkontakte API:
  • Utilization of oAuth 2 authentication with Vkontakte API for secure data access.
  • Advanced Integration with Vkontakte API:
  • Advanced integration with Vkontakte API, including groups and channels, for comprehensive data gathering.