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Client Details

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Portfolio Item Details

Title: Eratu Mobile App

Service Lines: Mobile App Development, Backend Development, Cloud Integration, UI/UX Design

Description of the Project

The Eratu Mobile App, an enriched reader-centric application developed in collaboration with Hydralab, offers an enhanced reading experience for users across various genres and scenarios. The app prioritizes user experience, advanced statistics, and seamless authentication, empowering readers with a feature-rich platform for discovering and reading books.

Key Functionalities

  • Authentication System:
    • Implementation of a robust authentication system with user linking, OAuth2, ensuring secure user access.
  • Advanced Statistics and Diagrams:
    • Provision of advanced statistics and diagrams for readers and writers to track and analyze reading patterns and trends.
  • Enhanced Reading Experience:
    • Features facilitating a superior reading experience, including font modifications, dark/light modes, and other reader-centric functionalities.


  • Payment Integrations:
    • Integration with Apply Pay and Google Pay for secure and convenient payment processing.
  • Real-time Notifications:
    • Utilization of Firebase for real-time notifications, keeping users updated on book releases, offers, and more.

Technology Stack

  • Mobile App UI: Developed using Xamarin for a consistent and responsive mobile user interface.
  • Backend Framework: Utilizing NodeJS with NestJS, providing a scalable and efficient backend architecture.
  • Database and ORM: PostgreSQL database system with TypeORM used for secure data storage and management.
  • Scripting Language: Implementation in TypeScript for improved codebase robustness and type safety.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring reliability and security for cloud-based operations.