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Linzoptic E-commerce Website

Client Details

Client Company: Linzoptic
Client Website: Լինզ Օպտիկ (

Portfolio Item Details

Title: Linzoptic E-commerce Website
Service Lines: Web Development, E-commerce Solutions, Backend Development, UI/UX Design

Description of the Project

The Linzoptic E-commerce Website aims to provide users with a seamless shopping experience for eye lenses. This full-fledged E-commerce solution integrates advanced functionalities and a user-friendly interface, catering to both customers and administrators.

Key Features

  • Admin Panel for Management:

Inclusion of an intuitive admin panel for efficient product, category, and asset management.

  • Full Authentication Flow:

Robust authentication system ensuring secure user access throughout the platform.

  • Local Payment Service Integrations:

Integration of local payment services to facilitate secure and convenient payment processing.

  • Coupon Functionality:

Provision of coupon functionalities for promotional offers and discounts.


  • Technology Stack:
    • Frontend Technologies: Utilization of Redux Form, Redux, and Adaptive Web Design for a responsive and interactive user interface.
    • Frontend Frameworks: Implementation with Jade Pug and Flexbox for streamlined frontend development.
    • Backend Technologies: Use of Heroku as the hosting platform, MongoDB for database management, ExpressJS and Node.js for backend functionalities.

Objectives Achieved

  • Goal Achievement: From zero to hero E-commerce website, fulfilling the project’s objective of establishing a comprehensive online shopping platform.
  • Functionalities Implemented: Successful implementation of admin panel, authentication flow, payment service integrations, and coupon functionalities.